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Chevy T7500 Transmission Cooler line - Special Thread

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We've had our 3rd request for a transmission cooler line, and it is a specialty fitting and thread for the T7500 Chevy Transmission. Fortunately years back we had one come in with it's Aeroquip tag still on it which gave us a parts breakdown and gave us what the fitting is. 

We've identified the fitting as a the following (Available for -8 1/2" hose and -12 3/4" hose)

The actual thread is 1 1/16-16

FJ4513-02-1212GT/A Ftng (perm), R2EAAC
FJ4513-03-1208GFtng (perm), ORSEAAC

It may take us a few days to get the part number reactivated even if Eaton Aeroquip has stock on them, but they are still available. Please contact us for a quote on either this part or for us to make an assembly for you.

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