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TTC / TTC12 Through the Cover Fittings - Eaton Aeroquip

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> I came across the TTC12 fittings from Eaton and I was wondering if they are more common in the USA.
> Can you explain the difference between standard TTC and TTC12? Can I use them together or am I required to only use the TTC or TTC12. Can I use the TTC for the TTC12.
> I hope you understand my questions. Thanks for the info.

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TTC and TTC12 are how Aeroquip designates between one and two wire hose (ttc) and 4 wire hose (ttc12) The ttc stands for Through The Cover.

Interestingly enough, our last email we discussed sae specs, and there was a 100r12 specification. The 100r12 hose is a 4 wire hose.... And the ttc12 designation is for 4 wire hose. Hence, Through The Cover 4 wire fitting. 

On the physical Aeroquip fittings, there are either 2 or 4 rings which allow you to distinguish between ttc (2 rings) and ttc12 (4 rings). Also, the if the Aeroquip part number starts with 1A or 1AA, it is a ttc and if the part number starts with 1B or 1BA it is a ttc12 fitting. 

2 rings, or TTC are generally for 1 and 2 wire TTC Aeroquip hose
4 rings, or TTC12 are generally for 4 wire TTC Aeroquip hose

They are not interchangeable. Dimensions and crimp specs are completely different between series. 

Enjoy the day!

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The image represents a 2 ring, 4 ring and E series fitting from the TTC line from right to left.

The 2 ring is for 1 and 2 wire TTC hose
The 4 ring is for 4 wire TTC hose 
The E series (and the Z series that looks very similar) is for 4 and 6 heavy. 

Consult the Eaton Aeroquip Hose assembly master catalog for manufacturer approved hose and fitting combinations found at:!hydraulichose/cjg9


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